26 September 2017


Yesterday was a cool, crisp, and grey day in Bath. I'm surprised that I find a day like this quite pleasant, it's the perfect weather for layering clothing and not having to worry about overblowing the sky in every photo. (But to be honest, the sky was overblown in all my photos because I believed the histogram over the live view. I feel so betrayed ._. )

Went on my first stroll around Bath up to the Royal Crescent and down to buy some Chinese groceries. While the streets in the city centre are very picturesque lined with bath stone houses, there's quite a lot of cars zooming around to get a tranquil atmospheric photo. So look the food I ate instead:

I was originally debating between here or Society Cafe, but decided on here after reading extensive blog posts by the owner. The barista there was helpful (and handsome) in choosing me one of their beans. This one is supposedly fruity and a bit floral, I didn't really get those notes but did notice the lack of bitterness. It was harsh (kinda spiky) feeling in the throat, which is weird. Will probably go back in a month since they rotate their selection.

Lunch is at The Scallop Shell, with the most adorable receipt box:

The chips were alright, fish is very light and tender, however the real standouts are the mushy peas and white bread. Yes I'm surprised by this sentence too.

Bread: makes more sense that they're from the Bertinet Bakery, which from my initial research about bath is the best bakery in town. It's soft when you first bite into it but actually has good structure to make subsequent bites substantial.

Mushy peas: it was so good that I asked the chef for the recipe, hopefully I am allowed to publish it here.
  • Marrowfat peas and split peas 1:1
  • Soak with baking soda 24hr
  • Boil with water to cover 1" with bouillon
  • Finish with salt pepper butter
The secret is the inclusion of the split peas which breakdown and thicken the dish. Am excited to make this, hopefully it keeps well in the fridge so I can just make a big batch. 

25 September 2017


Another Scandi store: Arket (under H&M group). The concept is affordable high quality pieces to wear for a long time, which I can definitely get behind. Hopefully the concept is true and not just marketing speak, I'm optimistic as they're transparent about a number of their suppliers and commissioned an optimized (for their target market) merino yarn.

More knits to desire...and surprisingly a kitten heel pump that I like love. The color is also a huge reason why.

24 September 2017


There is an abundance of fruits (though unknown if the berries are edible) at my residence:

In other news, I'm slowly exploring the grocery store around Bath. So far I've yet to find gooseberry yogurt :(

21 September 2017


My going away present to myself: russian honey cake with a clover design obviously (this is the second closest I've gotten to H&C irl).

I thought the recipe was very intimidating...but was not too difficult actually. It is time consuming, took me about 3 hours of active time to make. The beginning and ending steps are much easier with an assistant. Some changes to the recipe / my own notes:

  • Don't let the caramel mixture cool too much before adding the eggs; the warmer the liquids, the easier it is incorporating the flour (aka less of an arm workout)
  • A 9" lid is the secret to shaping the biscuits into perfect circles. While the dough is still between the two sheets of parchment paper, press the lid lightly onto the stack to mark where you'll be cutting. Then peel off the top sheet and firmly press down on the lid to cut the dough. Having the light marking ensures that there won't be gaps around the edges since it's moderately difficult to roll the dough large enough. 
  • The biscuits baked unevenly for me, there were many large bubbles even after docking the dough. I then very, very aggressively docked the remaining dough, but it was not very effective in preventing the bubbles. 
  • I accidentally bought half the required sour cream and double the condensed milk ha ha... so I made the frosting in that ratio. It worked out well in terms of texture and softening, although tastes too sweet for me. 
  • How does one coat the sides in crumb? I grabbed a handful of crumbs and pressed them onto the sides, but this got really messy. 
Overall this is the favourite cake that I've made. 

16 September 2017


& brought to you by ADAM.GC PRO. I ought to declutter my font folder, I don't use like 95% of them.

Great article analyzing the font of A Lange watches. I tried in vain to find free versions of Engravers (normal version) and Versailles.

15 September 2017


Yesterday's dinner: miso rosemary beans and wholesome mahshi. If you ignore the salads on my cooking list for reasons of colder weather and lack of good cheese, I've almost completed my list! This progress is far superior than any new years resolution I've attempted.

 a giant sprig is photogenic but annoying to separate and actually eat

I really like the flavour of the stuffing mix, the seasoning is half cinnamon, ~quarter all spice and ~quarter black pepper, plus tomato paste. The cooked cilantro is surprisingly nice, I haven't considered adding herbs before cooking. I'm almost down to make my own tomato paste with backyard tomatoes if I had more time. This would also be good deconstructed.

14 September 2017

deer bone

I haven't posted something unrelated to food in a while...

Hope STHLM is my current obsession, thank you to a redditor who mentioned this brand on /r/ffa. It's like Acne but more wearable.

Items I'd buy if I had income...and am sure about sizing:

trench - back details and large collars
pants: slim / regular / loose - why are tapered pants so hard to find?
sweater - would prefer a narrow bottom rib tho
boots: ankle / chelsea - loving them more Acne Jensen and Everlane's chelsea respectively


Also been trying to find nice sweaters from UK / EU based shops, candidates so far include MaisonCashmere and Pure Collection.