22 June 2018

big shiny thing

^ wise words from Orthez in Tale of Felluah, another manga that will probably never be fully scanlated, what a loss.

Looking at expensive but not crazily unaffordable jewelry is more motivating than I expected. Hopefully this jolt is enough to finish a draft of literature review by the end of June. But then again I'm feeling worse than a sloth atm.

I honestly like pretty much every product from these two designers:

 Clara's Dream ring and Pleiades ring from Sofia Zakia (Canadian! :D )

Wisteria ring and Diamond tassel necklace from Kataoka


The absolute best botanical pieces: Michael Michaud, I'm tempted to start a collection of the brooches and lapel pins.

20 June 2018


Two not-so-successful salads:

 funny coincidence that the photos turn out opposite in terms of color temperature and dominant color

The beets might have been better a little charred. Cucumbers are really not suitable for making-ahead salads. I've even salted and drained them beforehand "orz


The british strawberry hype is so real. These are the strawberriest strawberry I've had.

18 June 2018


I am alive and well-is after Passivhaus. That exam was no fun tho, I was extra stupid and had to redraw the first floor floor plan 4 times.


A food pic that escaped the previous round-up:

Definitely the best lentil salad out of the recipes I've made so far. Also the only dish that I didn't dislike the flavour of parsley in. Will remake.


Saison sound like the dream seafood restaurant.

15 June 2018

one breath leads to another

A fittingly motivating song:

14 June 2018

when will the fantasy end?

My favourite verse:
And if you wonder why I'm rapping so fast
It's 'cause I gotta lot of things on my mind
That wanna come out at the same time
In other words I'm racing

13 June 2018

12 June 2018

let me down, down

Some music for the rest of the week as I study for Passivhaus: