17 June 2019


I finally went to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences over the weekend and ogled the gemstone exhibits. They sure are pretty. But at the same time, I can't help but feel that it is utterly absurd that we've placed so much values on shiny rocks. And that such vast inequalities are needed to support art (may not be an accurate statement today, but it sure is true in ancient times).

15 June 2019


I'm way overdue for a June monthly review but did (and does) not feel like writing about anything until I came across Style Bee's latest post on maintaining her personal style. It's perfectly timed with the summer sales that are going on everywhere.

To begin, I'm currently on track for my goal of 10 or less new additions to my wardrobe, so far this year I've bought:
  1. Wilfred wool trousers
  2. Ance Jensen boots
  3. Tevas sandals
  4. Everlane sandals
  5. Leopard print scarf on taobao
I've been eying tons of dresses, because warm weather and seeing proposal photos of people I know, but haven't pulled the trigger on anything. There's a lot of reasons why I haven't bought anything, namely it's still a want at this point (no wedding invites yet), competing hobbies to spend money on, and analysis paralysis of so many choices. I honestly have really strict criteria for dresses, chiefly that it's gotta be work and casual appropriate, but still find enough that catches my eye. Although I'm the most tempted by Everlane's silk tank dress (my image of it flowing in the wind is perfect), which fits neither work or wedding guest 😂

But to bring the topic back to Style Bee's post and reflecting, the Everlane dress does fit the description of my style that I've previously came up with: simple & luxurious. Perhaps that's why I'm closer to pulling the trigger on this one versus many of the other options. My personal style has stayed remarkably consistent since...undergrad I'd say? That is not to say that I don't have the desire to incorporate other styles, namely ultra feminine / mori-kei / "hoe but make it fashion" (the Everlane dress would show off my pretty bralettes). But typically  the low expected cost-per-wear stops me from making the purchase.

Another tangent regarding the silk dress is that I've realized that if I own more silk items, then they warrant their own load of laundry and I can just machine wash all of them! Although I don't dislike hand washing, it is not as enjoyable as shoe polishing, and would rather offload to the machines.

But alas if it takes me an entire blog post to decide whether I want the dress, then the answer is clearly no.

12 June 2019

where are you now

Canadian artist :D

10 June 2019

hands & back

You may recall me mentioning Knight Run many years ago (most recently). The official translation of the two prequels finished and didn't continue onto the main episodes, but luckily a scanlations group are now regularly releasing updates.

The latest 3 episodes have been super intense. I was already astounded by the second prequel "A Town Where You Are" compared to "Pray" (which I already already really liked), but man the latest 3 chapters are heavy. Maybe because I've grown up alongside Anne? The feels ;_;


I've also changed my routine to catching up on all of my followed mangas once a week and it frees up a lot of time on my week days.

08 June 2019


I love my basic sunset photos :D


Plus a middle of the day shot, in which I can see the limits of my phone camera's resolution :(

04 June 2019


I think I'm approaching the limit of not eating home cooked asian food "orz So tempted to buy some supermarket tomatoes and just make tomato and eggs soup noodles (but no sesame oil ugh!). Meanwhile it's somewhat comforting eating a simple meat sauce pasta, since it's one of the first things that I learned how to cook:

This iteration with a low sauce to meat ratio (accidental, since I ran out of sauce, opps) and some remaining frozen spinach. I do like the drier consistency, also probably more authentic than the sauce-laden pastas that I generally make 😂


Bonus cute cover with master in the latest Spirit Blade Mountain chapter

02 June 2019

haunting you