16 February 2018

late night phone calls

CNY potluck was fun, but back to working today :(

14 February 2018


Chocolates are hands down best Valentine's gift

Ahhhhhhhhh William Curley chocolates are so yummy. I'm rationing one column per day. Today I had green tea, piedmont hazelnut, coconut, amedei chuao, and the upper left corner one I couldn't identify (and didn't match any on the accompanying legend). There was a hint of sourness in the filling.

13 February 2018

days go and i'm fine

Soundtrack for making hourly hot water / electricity load data for SAM...8760 rows to copy and paste 168 cells at a time "orz Why can't we model an office or condo with less variable occupancy?

11 February 2018


I've found the perfect pasta combination from The Art of the Larder, paraphrased from its description: salty ham and cheese, bitter radicchio, sweet onion and creamy sauce. It's so good that I accidentally cooked two portions worth and ate it all. Gonna regret it later, but very much enjoying it right now.

A couple changes I made / would make for the next iteration:

  • Use a thinner pasta, probably linguine 
  • Up the other ingredients to pasta ratio: at least a full radicchio per 2 portions (photo shows half) 
  • Used creme fraiche instead, increased amount to 50ml per 2 portion (recipe states 75ml per 4 portions). This is going to be my cheat for cream sauces from now on, just dollop it in with the pasta
  • Not to slice the onion too thinly, I overdid it this time and instead of nice soft onions I had some dried up charred pieces. 

Made sardine in vinegar after finding sardines in Sainsbury with help of the people behind the seafood/meat counter. I've rarely interacted with those staff since most of what I buy comes pre-packaged. 

Cleaning these buggers gave me a big shallow cut on my palm and a deep gorge on my fingertips "orz That makes 4 scars in the process of healing on my left hand, I'm great at taking care of myself smh. I naively thought the sardines were deboned and fully descaled, it was definitely not the case so I mistakenly was rubbing my hand along the fish under the tap, which is the perfect opportunity for the rows of bones sticking out along the belly cut to stab my hand. On second thought, for myself whose very picky with fish (prefer to pick out bones on plate and dislike fish skin), there is very little meat for me to consume on each sardine. Too bad they taste yummy. Next time I'll try with mackerel instead.

served with crisps

End result turned out bit too vinegar-y, should've cut the vinegar with some wine. The extra onion and vinegar would make a good pasta dressing.

10 February 2018

could've said

Excessively snacking because there's too many input variables to find "orz this project smh

Dinner for the past couple of days, it's really just a dark brown blob of root veg and sausage (too much dark soy sauce, opps) but looks decent garnished with pickled radish and green onion:


Also blasting various songs on repeat one in attempts to concentrate:

I know the two songs sound nothing alike, but the main line in the lyrics really reminds me of Swallowed in the Sea.

08 February 2018


This is the best case of placing an image across the spline I've ever seen:

The curvature of the pages accentuates the ripples in the reflection.

07 February 2018


Attempt #2 at ricotta using Serious Eat's recipe, this time with pea sott'olio via Art of the Larder:

These two recipes work well together in terms of preparation order too. Start heating the milk for the ricotta and then chop the aromatics for the peas and set those cooking. By now the milk is probably at the right temperature to coagulate, so do that and set the curds to drain. Now add the peas to the pot and prepare the mint & lemon while the peas cook. Then everything's done and ready to assemble.

The ricotta turned out more moist this time, which is what I prefer, although still very mild tasting, which I guess is just what ricotta taste like? Not sure what's the relative effect of lowering the temperature (165F vs 200F) and changing the ratio of milk to vinegar (500:30ml). The yield is pretty low, two slices of bread used up half the batch or 250ml worth of milk. But then again it's so darn easy to prepare that not much time or effort is saved by buying it.


The best part of finally upgrading to macOS High Sierra is Handoff, insanely useful.