21 July 2018


BGM for massaging weather data part ii:

20 July 2018

try to stretch the time

BGM for massaging questionnaire responses:

19 July 2018


Had a nice break from working on dissertation, although I'm now recovering from a lot of socializing.

A little stack of pancakes to celebrate getting my offer letter:

14 July 2018


a duo of recipes from Polpo:

 bigoli in salsa: the salsa is an onion sauce accented with anchovies. 

I was impatient and didn't cook down the onions that much, nor caramelize it much, hence the sauce is visually indistinguishable from the pasta. This is definitely some cucina povera magic in this sauce. I see it as an alternative to cacio e pepe, in cases where there's tinned anchovy but no pecorino.

lentil salad with burrata and basil sauce

Opps, forgot to photograph the dish with the corresponding page in the book. The cheese shown is also but burrata but buffalo mozzarella, which is the only thing I can source in Bath where I have some certainty of its freshness (the shop receives shipments every 2 weeks, so it can't be that old...).

Since I've never had proper burrata before, a comparison is moot but damn this mozzarella is good. If the concept of luxury is distilled into an eating experience, it's this ball of cheese. Not because it tastes especially luxurious, but rather...bear with this odd explanation please...it has the right balance of substance to emptiness. There's no abundance or strength of flavour in this mozzarella, but the taste is subtle in a way that a well constructed shoe / clothing / bag  is subtle. The mouthfeel is also appropriately supportive in a way an ideal shopping or fine dining experience is: never abrupt or intrusive, but flawless and reliable. But in the end, you're paying for what goes into your head and not what ends up in your hands (or mouth). Okay enough of this greatly extended metaphor.

The basil sauce is great with the lentil, but it is a lot of effort grinding it in a mortar and pestle. I do very much miss having near unlimited access to basil, it's my official herb of summer haha.

13 July 2018

crash right into you

BGM for massaging weather data:

12 July 2018


A trio of potato salads for when it was way too hot:

 "modern" style via Splendid Table

 vaguely "spanish" style via Serious Eats

"american" style via Smitten Kitchen

In efforts to eat more leafy veg, I've crammed too much of them into each potato salad that the leaves overpowered the rest of the salad, opps. Otherwise they all taste pretty good.

10 July 2018


It's finally not 25˚C+ today...hopefully the "heat wave" is over.

I've been convinced that overheating is a legit issue here, summer without air conditioning is hard. This is a stark contrast to my most vivid memory of going on a day trip to visit Torquay back in first year summer when I was in Exeter. It was so cold, rainy, and windy on that day that I was shivering while wearing 3 layers of clothing. It was slightly traumatic and probably the cause of why I packed pretty much no summer clothing this time. Of course fate is cruel and I've bought several new items of summer clothing grudgingly. Shopping is really the worst when I know I have the functional equivalent of what I've just spent money on back in Canada "orz


All that preamble is really leading up to today's grudgingly purchased pack of cushion puffs for 8.77GBP because

  • It didn't even occur to me that a cushion puff can breakdown...plastic is suppose to last!
  • Innisfree refills don't come with a puff 
  • But I do have refill puffs back home "orz and those were so much cheaper
  • For all the asian students in Bath, and the popularity of asian beauty products recently, there's no store that I can go to buy it in person...
  • ...and uk amazon has little options for puffs with prime shipping, which is a requirement because...
  • ...and I vastly prefer not to be bared skinned when I head out, although my PIH/PIE have faded very significantly since high school days (woah its been a long time), cushions are magic at improving the appearance of skin texture that it was worth the money.
In case it's not painfully obvious already, I'm much more emotionally affected by small purchases