21 April 2018


This week Bath showed us a preview of what summer would be like. I finally had the chance to wear a bunch of clothes that I brought but have yet to wear.

Flowers are everywhere! I'm so glad my allergy doesn't occur in the spring. There's sparse cherry blossoms, most flowers I have no idea what they are, and some bluish purple flowers that look fluorescent during the blue hour.

I caved in and bought berries out of season and immediately regretted it upon tasting it raw. Looks perfect but still taste pretty bland. Much better cooked down with a good dose of sugar.

20 April 2018


Finally made it to Bathwick hill in good weather! Luckily there's a bus stop next to the hill so it's easy to make the spontaneous decision to hop off the bus. Too bad I only had my phone as a camera today.

I get why almost every architectural photo is taken during the blue hour, it does make the artificial lighting really good. Perhaps I'm studying the corresponding course right now, but these scenes are so pretty.

18 April 2018


We were blessed with a sunny day up in the highlands, which is amazing but also means I gotta bracket every shot.

Haven't taken out my 12mm for a while, but this lens plus velvia is made for landscapes.


 Glencoe / Loch Ness

 The direction of sunlight when we arrived at Glencoe was quite undesirable. It's such a grand scene.

 Fort Augustus / Callander

This photo of the tree is my favourite of the whole trip. Same composition / subject as this photo from Yunnan.

Looking towards Ben Nevis

I love the texture from the grasses (or are they lichens? am I even using the right terms? guess this is the consequence of never taking bio) in the highlands, it's better than the mountains, better than the lakes. Bonus that they're super cushiony to walk on. I've really enjoyed looking at moss after visiting Kyoto, which has now grown to a general fondness for texture of plants.

17 April 2018

Edinburgh Old Town

I must admit that I took very few photos that are satisfactory inside Edinburgh city. Partly because the weather really sucked and I'm not good enough to capture the foggy mood, also partly because I can only concentrate on seeing interesting scenes when I'm alone. The results of this trip, and also Italy last December, is no where comparable to Japan or Charleston.

These are okay:

The right photo is my favourite in the city. It's of Lady Stair's Close. Something I really like about Edinburgh old town is that the layers of many buildings are clearly visible, you can easily see how each building changed throughout time.

16 April 2018

Edinburgh Royal Botanical Garden

I always take too many photos at botanical gardens. It's always nice to walk through a garden (or many) in each city. Edinburgh's is free (except the greenhouse), unlike other cities, so there's no excuse to visit and re-visit. The overcast sky was actually really helpful for photographing flowers, no need to worry about blowing out any colours.

My camera lens had condensation on the front glass while int he greenhouse, but I quite like the effect it produced on the photos.

15 April 2018


inb4 Edinburgh:

I always stress out during Animal Crossing's garden events, trying to get every item. Although I know better than to be a completionist in this game. The most recent garden event is Alice in Wonderland themed for Easter, I was obviously very excited about this theme.

One frustrating aspect of the game (oh there were many, but patches did fix most of them) is how the camera control is set when taking screenshots using the camera mode (which is the only way to get rid of the HUI). The perspective shifts as you pan the camera, aka a huge pain to stitch together different screenshots. They should really implement zoom, or at least the option to see your entire campsite in camera mode. "orz

14 April 2018

Love in the mask

I made a bad decision of starting a very dramatic manga the day before I left. Sleeping on the bus and plane did make up for it a bit.

I really liked the story until the ending, which was way too deus ex machina for my preference. It'd be better if Hyun Bin stayed within the gang for the full contract period and actually had to kill people, then to reunite with Yun Ha and resolve the challenge of his actions together. This ending is even plausible as if Hyun Bin just accepted Bi Rak's sacrifice. The supporting characters are all sufficiently fleshed out and are just the right amount of annoying in their interference with the main ship, Gah Hyun and Yae Ha are especially well depicted.


Edinburgh photos will be up throughout the week as I devote myself to lectures