24 March 2017


After 4 years of living in the same area, I'm finally repeatedly going to some restaurants for meals.

 Always ordering these two things from Charidise

Last meal at Raijin before they move farther away. They also have a combini that sells Calpis concentrate *u*

Following the formula of acidic / fatty / carbs...plus vegetables

And the Uncle Tetsu empire expands yet again, this time into cheese tarts. Pre-emptively striking before Pablo opens?
It is damn good though, I like it better than the cheesecakes

23 March 2017

cuddle on the couch

Whereas the experiment has been satisfactorily carried out.
Whereas the results confirmed the hypothesis.
I think I like the current way? At the worst, feeling scared is better than feeling guilty. At the best, eh both are pretty close, really depends on how altruistic I feel.

I forget if this was posted already, oh wells.
Cue all the scenes in Before Sunrise with the loaded glances.


Okay I admit (to myself really) grad school is bothering me a lot. Can I instead transform into a tree in the middle of the forest in some remote region? Fuck I'm not doing anything for a good reason.

22 March 2017


Its that time of the year again, counting down to moving out and frantically trying to eat my fridge and freezer empty. Ideally pantry would be included in the previous list, but that's practically impossible.

Starting with my pickles, all conveniently in fried rice:

Spooning hot oil onto a sunny-side up egg is definitively the best way to make fried egg.

16 March 2017


If you ask me for a list of my hobbies, I wouldn't name music. Although it's not a hobby, it is a substantial part of my life...but in the way that's like...(what's a good analogy here)...mixing bowls? It's essential but not something I think deeply about. Perhaps due to never building the background as a kid, or maybe I'm just not that interested in it as an end in itself.

But all this preamble is just to lead to my admission that electronic music is pretty great. It is amazing in the sheer variety of sounds. So thank you Jeff for introducing me and stubbornly sending me song recs in the beginning.

Most of these probably already made an appearance on this blog as a sanity maintenance measure. 

15 March 2017


Its been a miserably long day ugh.

13 March 2017

mustard seeds

A trio of Indian dishes from the past week.

12 March 2017


Holy this gyokuro is still amazing almost half a year after the recommended expiry date. It's categorized under "balanced", but still very umami-like.

I also realized that its the body of the tea that you lose in the first couple of steeps.