22 October 2017


Last week's soup:

I foolishly chose to order spices from a vendor that's on vacation (I was informed before checkout), so out of my many, many soup recipes saved on instapaper, this was the only one I could make with the spices on hand. But now I'm fully stocked up and can work my way through these:

21 October 2017

Human Scale

Hopefully Alphabet can shove some innovation into construction / urban planning *fingers crossed*

The most existing PDF I've read this year


This documentary explains the motivation for designing cities for the people:

20 October 2017


I was really hyped about the trice charcoal roasted dongding that I got from Floating Leaf, bringing it all the way to Bath with me...and that's where the problem occurs. Bath has very hard water, which also causes a tremendous amount of hair loss although I'm not complaining, but the point relevant to tea is that it makes tea taste different. I only brought two tea that I've regularly consumed in Canada, and have not liked how their taste changed with the water here. So currently I'm not liking the taste of the dongding that much (pretty standard, meh), but it's probably not the tea's fault.

The hard water also amplifies the tea stains "orz

I ought to head to my local tea shop and ask how they deal with this water, and maybe try some darjeeling (opps not suppose to be buying more tea).

18 October 2017

wondering where you are

Good thing I have a nice backlog of music to post since lectures for the next course starts next week.

Looking forward to Noel Gallagher and Epik High's new albums also coming out next month / week.

16 October 2017


I'm still lacking diligence to be a good landscape photographer...and lacking trust in the weather forecast. It went from overcast when I woke up to decent clouds when I was leaving back to overcast when I arrived at Alexandria Park. Oh wells, this is a different but nice mood and provides good motivation for me to return regularly (itching for a telephoto lens tho).

15 October 2017

Wardrobe Inventory: uk edition

I think the lack of extreme cold or hot weather in the UK means this is as small as my wardrobe will ever be. The inventory currently stands at:

  • Outerwear: 6
  • Knitwear: 7
  • Pants: 4
  • Shirts and blouses: 9
  • Tees: 3
  • Dresses: 3
  • Skirts: 4
  • Scarves: 7
  • Shoes: 3
  • Boots: 3
  • Bags: 3
which is 36 pieces of clothing and 16 pieces of accessories. Imagine someone else in my situation would have less outerwear and scarves haha. 

14 October 2017

Filippa K

I've been pretty good at finding brands that I like on this side of the Atlantic. Today features Filippa K, which I vaguely remember reading about on /r/ffa. It's also a brand that values sustainability and transparency (seems hard to find a brand that doesn't say so), but this claim feels a lot more substantial with supplier info for every item, good start to a garment care guide, recycling and leasing initiatives and annual sustainability reports.

It is quite pricy so not sure if I'll actually buy these two shinies:

I also discovered John Smedley on ffa today and would theoretically like the brand if not for the way clothing is modelled (or lack of) on their website.


Trying to be good and write more of my report instead of pouring over this blog (tagline is: I save 50% of my income and buy $400 shoes). Already adopting her shopping practices.