08 February 2017


Today has been a challenging day, by which I mean its been an accumulation of small annoyances.

I was woken up at 9:23 by the realization that I forgot to submit an assignment that was due at 9...except we're allowed to miss three submissions without a penalty. So logically this is not a big deal. But it felt so irritating because of sunken cost (of not even that much, 2hr?). Is it sunken cost though? I've clearly learned from doing that assignment, which is a gain to myself; and haven't loss any marks from not submitting it. Goes to show the abysmal progress I've made decoupling my well-being from grades.

Then I forget to bring back my pot from Jeff's...again.
Also left my headphones there.

Which resulted in a miserable time CADing. Not having music was only partially responsible since I was able to borrow a pair. My productivity was fairly low since I haven't touched AutoCAD since Atlanta and has forgotten how to draft efficiently. Though for how much I complain about CAD, I don't actually dislike the task. Specializing in energy modelling is feasible still.

Some positives to balance the day out:

  • Nice dinner at Pren-up, one more thing on Trello done
  • Nice chat with professor on UK vs US grad schools


I wonder if there's a greater number of posts tagged with the combination of (schoolANDrant) or (foodANDphotolog)

At the very least it seems like most people are equally as overloaded. That or chill af, have not met someone not at an extreme yet.

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