08 January 2017


I cooked a lot this week haha, compared to my usual routine of cook huge batches of two things on the weekend and slowly consume it throughout the week. Gotta get the cooking urge out of my system before school starts.

Lesson learned: blue bowls are the best for placing yellow / orange food in on a natural wooden table. White balance stopped being stupid.

 the always reliable, staple dinner of the week

 tahini #3: in carrot soup

Wasn't that great tasting tbh, and now I understand why a legit blender is needed. My immersion blender did a very poor job of pureeing this soup. Garnished this with some of my pickled carrots, which I also messed up on by using too much ginger. Had to soak it in water to make it edible nested within a creamy soup.

I bought a lot of chickpeas, fortunately this turned out really well that it'll become a school day lunch staple. I did't realize is that most recipes are developed for canned chickpeas...or already cooked chickpeas. It takes a lot of forethought to soak AND cook chickpeas ahead of schedule. Aka lunch was delayed for an hour while I wait for the chickpea to simmer in the sauce. Don't be stupid like me.

Not sure if using cornmeal instead of polenta (are they actually different? is it just the grind size?) resulted in a vastly different cooking time than what the recipe said. This is comparable to congee.

 pickled kale stems

I'm still at a loss at what to do with kale stems. Usually I'll toss them in the stir-fry long before I add the leaves, but am hoping to find another way to process them. Original idea was to braise it, but the internet convinced me to try a) pickling them and b) roasting them. Spoiler that roasting isn't very effective. While it tasted great, the roasting did nothing to break down the fibres. In fact I ate a couple like how tamarinds are eaten. Let's hope the pickling goes well, if so they'd be great in fried rice as I'm forever looking for crunchy vegs to add to that.

I finally finished my second batch of granola made way back when, but had an extra container of yogurt leftover. Obviously the solution is to turn it into a cake. I think my baking powder is expired since it didn't rect with water, but I used it anyways so I'm blaming that for the lack of leavening. I also reduced the sugar to about 150g, which I might up to 170 or 180g since the cake is pretty sour.

I saved this recipe yeeeears ago but only got to make it yesterday. Very much regretting not making it sooner since it is delicious even though I was a little apprehensive about the flavour since turmeric is an unfamiliar flavour. It's a good choice for weekday dinners since you can cook all the components before hand (roasted carrots, faro, turmeric broth) and spend literally 5 min bring it to a simmer together on the stove. I generally prefer to assemble the dish every night since it gives the illusion of fresh cooking, makes me feel more accomplished pulling a pot off the stove than grabbing a bowl out of the microwave heh.

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