09 January 2016

2016 hit list

I regularly like to engage in a futile effort of listing out future purchases with the goal of sticking to said list. The accuracy of the list has gotten better for clothing purchases, balanced out by omissions and extra purchases. But this year I will be overly ambitious and try to include all categories.

Motivation: a favourite blog's wardrobe lust list

Even though I've titled this post for 2016, I'll be including a "grail" section at the end for things that I've been eyeing forever and will be the end-all of that product. Bonuses will definitely being spent on these.

  •  Adidas Stan Smiths: replacement white sneakers for my Ecco pair that has a hole worn into it's sole. I'd rebuy the same Ecco pair for it's low profile...except it's been long discontinued. Been a difficult task to find a similarly low profiled sneaker.
  • Black jeans: probably rebuying a jcrew pair whenever it becomes on sale, gonna stick with cheap jeans since I wear through them fast enough to be considered disposable.
  • Unicorn thick wool pants: so I can wear my Grace boots as office wear.
  • Black over the knee boots: only if I can find a really good deal, because I can always suck it up in the cold. 
  • Forest green coat: Tien said that his friend that works in retail said this will be a popular color this season. Perhaps I can finally find a suitable coat.
  • Fancy laces & shoe care: to pamper my footwear. Leather laces / flat waxed laces / Saphir neutral wax / Saphir creme polish in tan 
  • Back-up glasses and sunglasses: to take advantage of Warby Parker before I leave, via HSA money
  • An allowance for minor shopping in Japan and China.

  • Jolse / RRS: order for refills, and some new first essence to try (NR, Innisfree, Tosowoong).
  • Taiwanese sheet masks: a lot of MBD / Lovemore / My Scheming, a bit of L'herbaflore and Maskingdom if I have time in Taipei. After a year or so of using Korean sheet masks, it's back to Taiwanese ones. 
  • Japanese sunscreens and eyeliner: to pick up when I'm in Japan. Also Hadalabo refills.
  • Cushions: only if Sulwhasoo / Iope / Laneige / Hera comes out with pretty LE cushion cases, but I'm satisfied with my current Innisfree one.

Entertainment / Technology (woah this section is surprisingly populated for how little time I have leftover for it)
  • Fuji XF 35mm f2 WR: either whenever B&H starts discounting this, or in Japan.
  • Other camera accessories: Slik tripod / rocket blower / lenspen / maybe polarizing & ND filter
  • PS Vita via Ryan: whenever I see him next
  • Bravely Default: whenever a price drop occurs, hopefully when Bravely Second releases, or even better if it comes in a bundle with Second.
  • FE:Fates: only if I can get my hands on LE, else I'll wait a long time until sale/price drop.
  • Ni no Kuni 2: I regret not getting LE of the first game, definitely jumping on this.
  • FFXV: sigh. just sigh. I've budgeted for this for yeeeeeears.
  • PS4: preferably bundled with any of the above games

  • Vegetable cleaver: to get in Japan, also sharpening stones. Incidental is learning how to sharpen knives. My kitchen will be fully functionally stocked after this.
  • Jetpens order: gotta take advantage of US shipping!
  • An allowance for when I get tempted in MUJI.

  • Japan: 1x sencha / 1x gyokuro / 1x hojicha / 1x mujicha / maybe a small shiboridashi
  • China: yancha / dian hong / a small yixing for yancha if I trust myself to evaluate pots
  • Taiwan: if Wisteria has a reasonably priced black tea sampler set
  • Online: refill of dongding / if Tea From Vietnam has another black friday sale / maybe some pu-er from Crimson Lotus

  • Burberry trench coat: this coat is the epitome of the grail section. Maybe one day I will be making enough money to buy the seasonal coats too. 
  • Custom-made shirts: because I am picky about the details on my shirt and Everlane discontinued the closest-to-perfect silk blouse I've found. 
  • Bespoke coat: navy / cashmere / silk lining / double breast / six low contrast horn buttons / exaggerated partially fur lapels / ends right above knee. Similar to this and this.
  • St. Crispins 630 model double monk: seriously, no sleeker shoe exists (not a fan of wholecuts)
  • Black croc leather bag: or probably a YSL sac de jour in calf with a croc texture. Thinking that this will be my main work bag, for when I get my P.Eng
  • Kelly bag: for when I make principle  
  • Hermes silk scarves: maybe I should alternate between a pair of nice shoes and a silk scarf every year, starting after full time employment of course
  • Eames lounge chair: after I buy a house *u*

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