18 December 2015


Because on the night before a true vacation, I spend all my time drooling over shoes.
First my own pair that I brush with love and care (hopefully I can keep this up forever), and then scrolling through Saint Crispin's 2015 lookbook & catalog...three times.

A compilation of the ones I stared at for the longest time:
 Two notable mentions: double monk boots! and the 630 which is sleek as fu.

Can I make a vow to never buy crappy shoes again? Not realistic at this point in life though (ahem, patience self). Need to replace sneakers very soon as the current pair's sole almost has a hole, finally decided on Stan Smiths since they're the best combination of low profile & affordable. A new pair of tall boots would be useful too next year, but ugh I should just suck it up in the wind and wear short boots because the models I want are too expensive to be stepping in salt.

Also waiting for good weekend lighting so I can finally photograph my C&J and gush about them.

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