02 November 2015

vibrance and saturation

Part two of what I spent my Sunday afternoon editing, featuring my first foray into LAB color (which I learned about the Sunday before) and the previously mentioned cheesy gochujang pasta.

So I was shooting both raw + jpeg, editing off raw, and noticed a big difference in the color rendition between the unprocessed raw file and the jpg with velvia emulation. This led to some quick googling on how to emulate the emulation, which resulted in this:

The process is pretty much switch to LAB colors, which is a color mode that separates the luminance (how light or dark) from the color (in 2 channels, a and b). It's really easy to make major color adjustments from with levels or curves on the a and b channel. In this case, I just pushed the levels of both a and b towards the center to increase the saturation. The only other adjustment I made was a selective color to town down the cyan in the highlights.

Compared to a totally separate (as in not trying to achieve the same effect) jpeg edit:

The jpeg edit has more realistic colors, but I like how the green and blue tones are brought out in the raw edit. The raw edit also has more details in the shadows which I pulled from ACR.

Comparing camera jpeg, jpeg edit, and raw edit:

Unfortunately I forgot to include a comparison of the unprocessed raw.

Even though I like the end result of the raw edit better, it took at least twice as long as editing straight from jpeg since the flexibility compels me to tweak every little thing. For photos that I get good exposure, I'll stick with just editing from jpeg. As below:

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