26 October 2015

lab colors

I've forgotten how long post-processing can take... but at least I can make up for my crappy shooting skills in post. Though I should really do so by practicing shooting more.

Anyways, as I was editing through my photos from a brief walk out on Peachtree, the before and after of this particular picture really shocked me. Can I blame it on the cloudy weather for bad lighting?


In other news, I've gone full circle on my camera selection and is back to lusting over the Leica Q. This was the camera that originally got me interested in wide angle lenses.

My current decision is just to wait until I can afford this and use my X10 in the process. I've been mulling over Sony a6000 vs. Fuji x-t10 for the past two weeks and both systems aren't perfect for me. The Sony is definitely the more practical choice in terms of both weight and price, but I really love Fuji's abundance of manual controls. I had a whole bunch of saved searches on ebay and was thissss close to buying 2 used Fuji lenses. But alas I realized that $1000+ is too much money to spend on something I'm not completely in love with.

I'd love to say that this is money saved, but I've found 2 pair of boots that I did fall in love with:
  • Mercer from Cord boots + shoes (local Atlanta shop! Planning on visiting their workshop)
  • Grace from Crockett and Jones (this is just swwooooooon, will visit in NYC)
More on this topic in a later post.

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