02 May 2015


It's been a whirlwind of catching up with friends before I leave. The last outing was a photowalk with Amy, since we both don't use our cameras enough.

I tried shooting raws in manual mode for the first time outside, which made me realize how terrible I am at composition. I'm also bad at the other aspects, but luckily those are more easily fixed in post-processing. Shooting in raw is beautiful, no need to worry about white balance, and there's so much control over each colour separately. I am converted.

Out of 118 photos, 4 turned out to my liking. Let's try to improve this ratio.

I tried emulating the first photo here, which was my favourite photo of last summer not including survey camp. Ironically that and the survey camp photos were all shot on my phone.

This also reminds me of a survey camp photo:

Ugh saving these 2 in .jpg really messed up the colour rendering. It's not this magenta I swear. The split tone between blue and magenta reminds me of Monet's water lilies.

There were a bunch of canoes and kayaks along the pier, they make for a good subject. I exaggerate the saturation, it feels somewhat nostalgic.

We also caught St. Andrews church in really fantastic lighting. Except I over-exposed every shot and thus you can only imagine the glorious light that imparts a golden glow to the bricks. Sigh.

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Sarah said...

so pretty! love the canoe photo :)