21 May 2015


Yay I finally have internet at home (after much trials and tribulations).

Been otherwise watching Katanagatari after work, which really isn't many hours considering how early I sleep now to get to work at 8. Anyways, quick thoughts:
  • Togame and Shichika are too adorable together. Loved watching their dynamics change as they actually fell for each other. 
  • Art is so stylish, especially liked the episodes with brushstroke outlines. Overall art and setting reminds me of Saraiya Goyou.
  • Good pacing and scope of the story. I like how this doesn't over-promise on what it can deliver (cough Zankyou no Terror cough). Sure it's not the most engrossing story full of deep, complex characters, but it doesn't need to be and the episodic characters do a good job delivering their point.
  • Enjoyed watching variation in the ending sequence.
  • Hitei-hime and Togame are good rivals, the pun on their names is great. 
  • I'm very much in pain from Togame dying, but I never expected the series to have a happy ending. Her confession + Shichika's "I'd kill myself for you" is a bullet straight through the heart (Bride of the Water God also has a similar exchange). Objectively, the ending is good and consistent with the theme of "burdened by history", but subjectively I was willing to forgive any bad writing as long as I can have Togame and Shichika being adorable together forever.
Like they are here:
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I shall take solace in Shichika's final costume & recover with some shojo.

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