06 May 2015

Death Parade

Woah it's been almost half a year since I've watched an anime. Looking back at my posts, I haven't gotten better at writing about them at all haha.

I watched Death Parade on the recommendation of Jeff, and also because the internet says Psycho Pass s2 is bad. The main plot involving Decim is done really well, especially it's conclusion. There was a good balance between the episodic stories and his over-arching plot. I do wish more time was given to the subplots, especially Nona. In the main EP sequence, there's a dummy with roughly the same colour as her and I'm super curious as to whether there's a relation. If there are to be a second season, please let it be a prequel with Nona as MC *u*

A honorable mention goes to Death Parade for having such opposite OP and ED, whereas the OP is bubbly and upbeat (and catchy as hell), while the ED is serious and slightly creepy.

The first couple of seconds really reminds me of Bebop's OP.


I do like how several episodes have custom ED sequences. 

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