28 February 2015


Some Rou Gui tea to ease the midterm woes:

Gongfu brewing for 1 requires all the tea cup in my possession to hold the minimum amount of water my kettle boil.

This time I tried the dry warming method instead of my usual wet method. The wet method consist of pouring boiling water into the pot, pouring it out and then putting in the leafs. On the other hand, I first put in the leaves and then poured hot water on the outside of the pot. Scroll down in this article for an in depth explanation, though I don't follow the ChaoZhou method. This resulted in a very chocolate-y and malty aroma, which I haven't experience in this tea before. Also finally tasted a hint of the cinnamon that Rou Gui is suppose to have, but I'm not sure if this can be attributed to the warming method.

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