07 January 2014


So cold today, brr.

A bright spot was that I got in the Greek Art&Archeology elective with this uber cool prof. It's in a much better timeslot than my other elective. Though I'll just be keen and take both at the moment, see which one I like more (or has a higher midterm mark) and drop then. Excited for the first lecture tomorrow :)

Also got last semester's mark back, narrowly kept my 4.0! I should be good for research funding.
  • Tech, society and biosphere: 85 (lower than expected...how'd this happen?)
  • Intro to civil engineering: 86
  • Urban engineering ecology: 91
  • Construction management: 90 (curve saved me, whoohoo)
  • Engineering communication: 86
  • Solid mechanics: 97 (yehh)
  • Engineering math: 95
  • Fluid mechanics: 96

A not so bright spot is the interaction with TTC workers today. Apparently basic manners are not part of the job requirement (excluding the exceedingly rare nice bus drivers), does it kill you to add a "please" to "move back!"?

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