19 October 2013


Today I would like to point out the difference between preparing for tests from highschool to now.

In highschool, the process went something like this:
notification of test -> study for test (do questions or memorize content).

Now, it's more like this:
notification of test with incomplete information -> calculate required mark to obtain x% in course -> location for test announced -> search for past tests, panic when few/none are available -> try to guess the questions on the test -> go through lecture notes again to make study sheet -> study for test.

Second year was off to a packed start, was full of report writing just until midterms started. A lot of the first semester courses are reading/writing based, which takes even more time to do than problem sets. For evidence, I present midterm study sheets for two courses.

Exhibit A. a calculations based course:
 Look at all the white space remaining!

Exhibit B. a non-calculation based course (yet, apparently the final is mostly calculations):
2.5 pages of definitions to know, whee.

Also experimenting with mind maps as a study aid for non-calculation courses. Really helped for APS301 (and I totally predicted the quiz question right ha!), hopefully it'll work for this too. Though I must say I'm terrible at spacing the chart out.

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