02 September 2013

ups and downs

Starting from yesterday afternoon,

Good: Tempt 9 taste delicious (and has pretty packaging, which is how Rui ended up buying it)
Bad: drinking it on an empty stomach led to immediate redness on my entire face, followed by being too dizzy to stand up. I've pretty much had equal amount of times of good and bad reactions to alcohol.
Good: seeing high school friends again at dinner and teasing Rui :D love youuu
Bad: sleeping late after waking up at 7 cause the twins picked a really early flight.
Good: cake for breakfast, cake for any meal is good (y)
Bad: cleaning. Needs no elaboration other than the fact that I swear this place has never been cleaned for years.
Good: Odo and Amy came over for SGS, fun times.
Bad: deciding to go for late night ayce kbbq. It's hard to appreciate the taste of meat when you've had way too much of it.

and finally,
Good: hearing the cheers of f!roshs as they wake around downtown. Second year leggo!

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