20 July 2017


The good thing about being home is having a whole large table to myself to drink tea on. My latest tea order is the trice roasted (at this point I'm already sold) dongding from Floating Leaves. It came with such a cute note from the owner that I plan to order all my future taiwanese tea from there.

I chose to have another tea, an mid-age xiaguan sheng that I opened long ago, because my tea cabinet is truly full and I need to be concentrating on drinking teas that I've already opened...and all my samples from YS.

The wet leaves are still quite green (I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise?) but the aftertaste was strong in the initial steeps. I think I still have an identical cake of this, might leave that alone for some more years and see how it changes. Though with a not hot and humid climate, aging more might be doing more harm than good. I really need to set up a legit storage soon.

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