29 August 2016

Autumn/Winter '16

I've never been this happy for autumn and winter to come, although I won't be surprised if I'm cursing the wind a few months down the line.

This will also be a short post because I want to challenge myself to buy nothing* in the categories of clothing and cosmetics so I can splurge on this baby when I head to nyc:

C&J Holly, aka the boot of my dreams.
Correction, the perfect jodhpur is still Zonkey's, but the logistics of obtaining one is exponentially more difficult.

So, with the exception of one planned cosmetics haul that is the asterisk above, I endeavor to not spend any money on clothing or cosmetics until February. It really shouldn't be that difficult since I bought a ton of stuff while I was in Asia (I literally have my suitcase full of cosmetics ahahaa...ha)

As for tea...black friday sales will definitely see a big YS haul, and perhaps chawangshop and bitter leaf.


As for updates on S/S:
  • linen tapered trousers: did not find, but did find a pair of tapered black 100% wool trousers from JNBY (which is my fav Chinese brand now). I consider this a success, such a a success that I'm kicking myself for not buying a second back-up pair.
  • lightweight (cotton linen blend perhaps?) cream cardigan: done, via Uniqlo in Osaka. Light grey though, but that's splitting hairs.
  • khaki shorts: bought an abundance of skirts instead, still have a pair of grey shorts to carry out all shorts duties.
  • teal high-low skirt: see abundance of skirt above, iirc I've bought an olive paperbag waist skirt, grey lace pencil skirt, red maxi silk skirt (swwwwoooonnnn and the actual replacement for this teal skirt), and a black "embroidered" pencil skirt.

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