02 April 2016


Finally wrapping up Charleston, featuring the much anticipated meal at Husk.

But first, two more alleys that are too pretty. 

Entrance to The Common at the end of an alley, which I wish I can just leave my credit card at. Was chatting with the SA and she said many restaurants in town buy their tablewares here.


dun dun dunn:
 Bibb lettuce salad / Cornmeal crusted catfish with curried shrimp rice

Yeah the tableware is beautiful ;_;
In short: not life changing as I've hyped it up to be to myself, but very good nonetheless. Not worth making a trip just for Husk, but definitely worth eating even as the only meal if you are in the area.

Perhaps I'm just tomato deprived since I haven't ate much for almost a year, but the bits of tomatoes in both dishes tasted sooooo gooood. The main is definitely well executed, the crust isn't soggy in the slightest and stuck well to the fish, the rice is the Carolina gold rice (it's largely responsible for Charleston's fortune) and cooked perfectly, and the bitter mustard greens complimented both fish and rice well.

Bonus for having fantastic in-house butter and rolls. This meal also introduced me to shrubs, which is everything sodas should be.


Some more photos from just strolling around:

 ISO3200, not bad at all. 

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