20 March 2016


Okay I concede, sheng pu er is a different league than shou. While I'll forever love my yancha, sheng is such an exciting unexplored territory. I'm immensely looking forward to being in Yunnan this summer.

Today's tea is 云普之巅, it took several tries to figure out the corresponding Chinese characters.

In short, I've already found the cake on Taobao and briefly considered buying multiples of it to age further. Although the one on Taobao is dry stored whereas this one from CLT is wet stored, but I'm not certain that my palatte is able to differentiate the difference in storage yet. Also spent some time considering what my options are for pu er storage, since the climate in Toronto is abysmally dry (in pu er metrics) so that would entail the investment in a pumidor. Or I can leave some cakes in Chengdu? This is waaay getting ahead of myself.

Anyways, I probably used more leaf than recommended and steeped longer than recommended, but am enjoying the slight bitterness. Also strong huigan with a hint of sweetness and not drying at all, I almost prefer it to the actual taste of the tea. It's taking a lot of self control not buying a full cake of this.

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