27 February 2016


More playing around with the new lens around the house:

The MVP of winter meals for one: stone soup (in the sense of that a bit of everything gets thrown in). Usually the ingredients are something like garlic, various peppercorn, thyme, onions, carrots, ham, chicken stock, beans, potatoes, lentils, greens (cabbage this time), added in in the listed order. To serve with more cracked pepper and lots of grated parmesan. Too bad I'm running low on olive oil, a swig of that is good too.

This time I learned that a 6 quart dutch oven fits less than I think, but also that 16 oz deli containers fit more than I think.


I think BTT's Asian Beauty oolong may be my new breakfast tea instead of the English Breakfast I've been having since the good ol' ripe pu er has run out. The problem with the English Breakfast is that there's still too much caffeine leftover in my evening brews, have not been sleeping well because of it. This oolong seems to lose its potency pretty fast, which really is a flaw but hey perfect for one strong breakfast brew and many weak evening ones. Bonus that it doesn't get bitter grandpa style.


Finally stepped into Whole Foods today, frankly the produce prices are not too far off Publix's. The selection is also really good, though Sprouts is still the best. But Sprouts is a major pain to get to, so WF will probably be tied for default grocery store with Publix now.

One gem that I found is this smoked cheddar, which is delicious af. This is definitely my weekend treat *u* Also witnessed their annual breaking of a whole parmigiano reggiano wheel & got a chunk for half off. I've somehow finally come around to loving cheese.


Lastly a non food photo:

(this was a small exercise in post, fiddling with curves, color balances, and unsharp masks)

Used up my Innisfree cushion, and can finally start using my Mamonde x Marymond cusion! No lie that I bought this one purely because of how pretty the case in, and by bought I meant hunt it down on Taobao because I only found out about it on /r/AB months after its release. Good thing that Mamonde is a AP brand, so I get to use other refills in the case if the product itself does not work out.

Speaking of pretty cushion cases, I have some arbitrary buying rules for make-up. One is that I'll only buy cushions in limited edition cases (recently bought a Christmas edition cushion from Laneige, again from Taobao since western vendors don't generally pick up LE items). Another rule is only buying high end lipsticks, which is my sole remaining make-up weakness. The crazy price tag helps tremendously in stopping purchases, and since it takes forever to actually use up a lipstick, has been super effective in keeping my stash reasonable.

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