17 January 2016

Chen's - part 1

The first of many weekends that will be spent with some yancha by my side, thanks to John.

All my cups are bigger than the pot.

It's a bit of a challenge with new tea and new pot. In particular the pot, I've never handled a small pot before, and took some getting use to filling and pouring from it. Pouring was a little difficult since this pot has thin walls and the only place to put your finger in order to secure the lid is on the nub, but unfortunately that's also where the air hole is, so putting your finger there will effectively stop the flow.

Anyways, first up is DHP from Sue's. Gots to visit her shop the next time I make it to NYC.
b/w because WB leans too warm, ended up liking the b/w a lot

Had this tea both today and yesterday (oh the joy of one pack lasting two days in a small pot!) and both sessions were really consistent. This is a lighter roasted DHP, so it opens with strong florals. The first couple brews left my mouth really dry. Just off boiling water is needed to get the mineral taste to show up, but super tasty once it's there. It also leaves a strong and lingering scent in the bottom of the cup, though I'm having a hard time putting a name to it.

To pivot to photographing tea, it is really darn hard to get a good photo of the leaves inside the pot because of the strong contrast. Need to learn more about lighting, which is the natural progression after fussing over camera body, then lenses, and finally light.

See below, was a pain maneuvering my reading lamp to light the pu-er:
t'was a great daily drinker

In other news, the first cake of pu-er that I finished! Well almost, I've broken up what remains of the entire cake (nothing is left in the wrapper) into my mug. Can definitely finish that before moving back.
...but I've also made a big order from Crimson Lotus, with the justification that I need to sample some pu-er before going back to China so I can buy larger quantities when I visit Yunnan.

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