25 January 2016


I've been so spoiled by Fuji colors that iphone photos in my apartment's terrible lighting is so cringe inducing. Hence the lack of my cooking on this blog. But here's some more belated food photos anyways:
 The most umami smelling pot of soup ever

But weirdly it doesn't taste as rich as it smells. Rather, the smell is the odd one out since there's barely any ingredient that's especially rich in glutamate. Also finally used up that 1lb bag of pinto beans that I bought when I first moved down, so glad I can move onto better beans now. Let this experience be proof that for food products, you usually get what you pay for, cheap beans = beans that will never turn creamy.

 Can I say that I cook southern food now?

Tried another corn bread recipe, this time from Kenji so you already know that it turned out amazing. Corn cake is a more accurate description since it's so freakin tender. I'd say this is as good as the ones from South City Kitchen.
On the chili side, it was mostly an improvisation of spices but it turned out well. Great if loaded up with cheese mmmm.

I've only realized while grocery shopping on Sunday that carrots and greens were the only vegetables that I've eaten in the past...month? So out went to the lentil bolognaise recipe that I wanted to try and in came this vinegar roasted vegetables that I saw on Budget Bytes. The utility of that food blog is right up there with Kenji's.

I subbed Chinese black vinegar for balsamic and my gosh I forget how much I love that vinegar. Bonus points for my whole place smelling like that from the roasting. It probably doesn't sound pleasant, but my grandparents or parents would boil vinegar whenever I was sick as a kid to help ward off the cold, so there's that nostalgia component for me as well.
But delicious vinegar :D

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