01 January 2016


Happy 2016!
Celebrating the first day with some excellent Bei Dou yancha.


Unlike previous years (dang I've had this blog for a long time), there has yet to be any reflection or new years resolution posts. They are coming, I promise myself.
To use a likely inaccurate analogy, the thoughts in my mind are like a vacuum full of pairs of virtual particles coming into and out of existence. Meaning the thoughts are too transient, and I have not made the effort to turn them into anything remotely comprehensible outside of my head.

But I will make that effort!
^ half of 2016's theme.


Also wearing my boots from Cord, my first (ordered before C&J) pair of boots that I expect to last my life.

I also promise myself that there will be glamorous boot photos, as soon as I get a ray of sunshine  in my apartment (陽だまり, hidamari).

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