15 January 2016


After these, I would've read all of Murakami's fiction works with the exception of A Wild Sheep Chase, which the Atlanta library system does not have.

Unfortunately this catches me in a non-reading mood, so it will take some willpower to get through before they are all due back.


I. Yang said...

My dad told me that when he was in his 20s, his favourite writer was Haruki Murakami and his favourite book was Norwegian Wood. He said he felt a strong resonance with Wanatabe. I thought it must be a dumb book so when I read it a few years ago, I was really skeptical. I couldn't be more wrong. It was such a great book and touched me deeply.

It was weird to know that my dad read it and liked it, and that he still remembers it now although he is entering his 50s. I thought it was interesting how we both felt such a deep connection to the same story, despite the fact that we're a generation apart. It just goes to show that campus life (and the rite of passage to adulthood in general) is the same everywhere, and it does not matter what generation you're from. Kinda creepy to think about how alike we are to our parents, and maybe a long time ago they went through the exact same things, had the exact same thoughts as us. (Maybe they still do, but we just don't know XD lol)

So after that every time we go to those Christmas parties and I see our parents hang out, I began to see it in an entirely new light. I could just imagine them on campus 20 years ago doing the same things, playing poker or singing karaoke with friends and just being silly in general. It's kind of funny...maybe one day my kids will look at me goofing around and think of the same things. hehehe

Anyways, I don't see Norwegian Wood here but as you're a huge Murakami fan I'm sure you've either read it or heard of it. If you haven't read it yet, definitely give it a try when you've got the time.

Weijie said...

Norwegian Wood is the first book by Murakami that I read! My favourite parts were the earlier sections of the book where he's describing how he lived in the dorms and spent time with Naoko.

I have such a hard time imagining our parents when they were our age. Guess I have trouble seeing them as actual people and not just "parents".

Thanks for dropping by my corner of the internet btw :)