13 December 2015


Finally had the chance to sit down and brew tea, t'was much needed.

I promised myself that I would limit myself to one big tea haul once per year when there are good sales. Last year was from Tao of Tea, this year is from Tea from Vietnam during their thanksgiving 30% discount.

Today's session is with Fish Hook, because surprisingly I was in the mood for a green tea.

ugh loving the color rendition, this is with the provia film emulation.

The dried leaves smelled very nutty, which is the first time I've actually smelled the nuttiness from green teas and also the first time that the vendor description was pretty spot on. Surprise surprise.

The surprise continuous as the wet leaves gave off a seaweed / nori smell, the first brew had a strong umami taste as well. Quite reminiscent of a higher grade sencha. Though the subsequent brews tasted more-so like Chinese greens and retains just a touch of the nuttiness.

I've also finally realized that manual focus is the answer to how to take photos of the tea brewing. This is such a no-brainer...unbelievable that I did not think of it until today.

Speaking of manual focus, I spent yet another afternoon lost in photography sites, except this time I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new camera and lens. Sticking with my Fuji, the new set-up is starting at the Fuji x-t10 and a Rokinon 12, f2.0. The connection with manual focus is that the Rokinon is a full manual lens, which I'm really excited to learn how to use.

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