18 November 2015


Took a brief break from the difficulty reading for some manga: Watashi no Messiah-sama.
I also strongly recall a couple key plot points, but have zero recollection of the rest of the manga. Not sure if it's because the story is very cookie cutter that I'm just mistakening it for other series (I suspect X1999, sad that it never concluded), but I distinctively remember the cell phone scene at the hospital which is pretty specific. 

tl;dr: mehhhh, but with a bias.
  • Really cliche premise of useless boy who's chosen as the world's savior because of his overwhelming kindness. Harem-ish (-ish modifier because it's pretty clear cut that Haruna is the girl). Eventually powers up to godly mode, saves said world. Basara is a good example of cliche premise with amazing development.
  • Plot twists are really forced, and the foreshadows are fairly obvious. Point (and spoiler!): Ryohei is the Emperor...but nope not really, ha. I don't recall much of Angel Sanctuary, but that is a good example of good plot twists (until / unless you've read her other works then you realize they all follow a similar formula and can predict the story). 
  • Side characters are barely developed. Hime at least got a chapter of backstory, Mui gets like six lines? Absolutely nothing is said of Tarutaru and these three girls are part of the main party. Again Basara does wonderfully develop the side characters.
  • Enemy characters that switch sides with the bare minimum of effort. Point: that thread using guy, Shinya wasn't even kind to him when they first fought, and he ends up helping save Shinya's life with the weak excuse of "oh Sariel I'm still loyal to you, but you can't kill him because I gotta kill him first".
  • Well I don't dislike Haruna, Lilu's story is much more compelling. 
Perhaps I would've liked this manga more had I not discovered it through the comment section of Record of the Fallen Vampire, with some idiot mentioning this series is comparable. Heck no this is not. Record of the Fallen Vampire's plot involves legitimate shitty fate for the main characters, and if you are not heartbroken after reading it, then the only plausible explanation is that you have no heart. (ha this saying reminds me so much of high school days)

I also don't post enough about the mangas I've read. My anime tag numbers at 68 and manga at 46, but I've definitely read double the amount of series as I've watched.

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