05 November 2015


I received my new tea cup today.

The day MUJI first opened it's Toronto store, I got a little celadon-esque cup there and loved it. I still love that cup, but I love this cup. I fear that all my affection has gone to this new cup. In fact I just sent pretty much a love letter gushing with praise to the potter, with hopes that he will make a shiboridashi with this glaze. Then my heart will really stop.

Let's start off with my favourite photo:

Used my lowest aperture (f2.2) and is very happy with the depth of field and softness. I did cheat a little and blurred the background in PS (this tutorial helped tremendously, how did I not know about the quick select brush?). Otherwise the only editing I did was a little sharpening to bring out the crackles, but the color and exposure was spot-on from camera (jpeg! not even raw!). It was the standard that I tried to match every subsequent photo to...without much success.

What I love so much about this cup is that there's so much visual interest in the glaze itself. There's pinholes AND crackles, and there's shiny sections and matte sections.

The clay itself is plenty interesting to look at, and is a lovely contrast from the shino glaze. 

Some assam for the first sip. Can't wait to drink some pu-er from this over the weekend. The rim is quite thick, and so very comfortable to drink from.

It's taking a lot of self control (and credit limit) to stop myself from buying the yuzamashi with the same glaze.

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