29 November 2015


Is it too much to ask for the Gardiner to be turned into the High Line?

 The water didn't turn out as nicely as before :(

 Favourite shot of the day

 The shadows looks like a wash of ultramarine blue...or was it phthalo blue? Been too long since I touched my watercolors.

 Cheesy but I do like lens flares (or sun bursts). This photo is very creamy imo.

 More blue shadows, this time complimenting the fall foilage.

 Interesting composition...uninteresting colors/light, sigh.

I didn't think this photo would turn out usable since it's strongly backlit, pleasant surprise.

Ending my walk at Hudson Yards as the golden hour approaches its end. Lighting really is everything, there's no patch tool equivalent for fixing crappy lighting.

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