14 October 2015

moisture management

Today I figured out why I don't like the southern climate. One is definitely the humidity, but second is because it's warm. But let me explain.

I'm definitely a wimp when it comes to weather (and many other things), and I am very prone to catching a cold when I feel cold.
Which is what just happened.
So back in Toronto, I know it gets cold so I bundle up the second I feel a little chilly. I remember back in high school when Janice and Kelly were wearing shorts and I was in long pants plus a cardigan. No problem here.

But in Atlanta, it's suppose to be warm, and I'm deceived into thinking I should feel warm. Right now it's usually around 10 in the mornings & nights and mid 20s during the afternoon. So I'm still dressing for the afternoon temperature and throwing on a coat just for show (aka not zipping it up in the wind, frankly negating any warming).
It's also goddamn freezing in the office and even at home, where I spent 90% of my time. I have no idea why it's so cold at home when I don't have the a/c on, it can be mid 20s outside and I am not at a comfortable temperature even with wool socks and a hoodie.
I long for the day that heating will be turned on...hopefully they have heating down here.

Point is: Atlanta is freezing indoors. At least it's warm inside in colder climates.

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