11 October 2015

crop factor

I'm dipping my toes into the world of interchangeable lens cameras. It's a a deep rabbit hole, much like how I felt when I first began exploring tea and teaware.

Interlude for today's tea: Eco-Cha's heavily roasted dongding, but brewed in my dragon kyusu.
It was a little weird during the first two brews, there was an obvious savoriness or almost fishiness to it. But that disappeared and the subsequent brews returned to normal.

Interlude back to camera: I should stop using my phone to take tea photo, the quality is really bad unless there's abundant lighting. But it's so convenient to post-process with vsco cam.

So how the camera exploration started is from me revising my NYC trip plans last night, and decided to add B&H to my list of places to go. Then it moved onto deciding between Sony a6000 vs Fuji X-E2. I quickly discovered that you're not just picking a camera body, you're picking a systems of lenses to stay loyal to. Picking lenses then led to finally figuring out sensor sizes and equivalent focal length.

As of this night, the shortlist of lenses include:
  • Sony Zeiss 24mm f/1.8
  • Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8  
  • Sony FE  28mm f/2 and E 16mm
The 3 options come out roughly the same price range if I get the Zeiss ones used. Currently leaning towards the Touit 12mm since it has the widest field of view because I anticipate being in amazing locations if visiting Tibet & Yunnan works out next year. Not sure if it would work well for shooting street / stills / food in dimly lit restaurants. Any advice is very welcome.
Though the choice will likely come down to how cheaply I can buy them for.

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