03 September 2015


A rainy day is the perfect day to receive new tea.

First up is some taiwanese oolong for the upcoming cooler weather (I hope...). Some heavier roasted dong ding and asian beauty. I'm interested in comparing the dong ding to Eco-Cha's offering, and the asian beauty to Tea Ave's.

I admit this is totally an impulsive purchase to get the limited edition khullar with is a GWP with the assam. The khullar is the traditional serving wear for masala chai, and it's a little ironic that it's a LE offering since you're suppose to smash these clay cups after drinking your chai.

The other huge motivator behind this purchase is the beauuuutiful packaging (and website!) of Joseph Wesley tea. I'm undecided as to whether it beats Tea Ave for the most gorgeous tea packaging.

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