17 September 2015


I am armed with my dutch oven and totally ready for the cooler weather 8D

Vegetable soup loosely based on my coworker's recipe.
I totally forgot to soak the beans, so I subbed for lentils. Also switched out cabbage for collards because that's what I had on hand. Overall a very handy and versatile recipe that will definitely make frequent appearances.

The dutch oven is also great to use, it's the beginning of my love affair with enameled cast iron.


Other food items from sometimes past:

Fridge pickles, sichuan style with numbing peppercorn and spicy chili. I just discovered how cheap carrots are, so I'll be making a ton of carrot pickles as a side dish.

The last bit of the previous soup, which will also be making frequent appearances because pork shoulder is also extremely cheap. But I want to switch to buying humanely raised meat, which means not much meat at all because a) difficult to judge, b) difficult to find and c) difficult to afford.
I have switched to buying organic/cage-free milk and eggs, thankfully I can finally start aligning my spending habits and beliefs. Although I don't notice a taste difference, which is to be expected since freshness has a bigger impact on taste, I noticed that organic milk taste longer and organic eggs are easier to peel. Nifty side benefits (y)

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