30 July 2015


It's both a blessing and a curse that my lunches have become more extravagant than my dinners. The blessing is that my office has a well equipped kitchen that allows me to bring nicer lunches. The curse is that work is pretty tiring that I come home with little energy to cook dinner. Though school was pretty draining too, so I should step up my game.

That is not to say that un-extravagant dinners are not good. I'm quite liking this pork bone soup + rice / noodle combo that's covered me this week.

The soup is a hybrid of my dad's pork soup recipe (with dried mushrooms for that lovely umami) and korean soy bean soups (with doenjang for that lovely umami). Aka lots of umami, which is always good. Throw in a lot of kale and a soft boiled egg and it's a completely meal with either rice or noodles. It can even be a one-pot meal, except it's a little hard to drink the soup out of my pot.

Dinner literally takes however long to bring the soup to a boil plus 5 mins (my perfect time for soft boiled eggs).

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Sarah said...

can I please have your dad's pork bone soup recipe :o <3