14 April 2015


Then I remembered I still have Tales of Xillia to play.
2 days later and I've made it to the final boss with all sub-events done. A good amount of progress, if I may say so myself.

Alvin's back story is so heart wrenching, him and his mom, him and presa ;_; But the scene with Elize at the swing is so cute! The image sums up his story nicely:

Was hoping that the story between Leia and Agria would be developed some more since they're such good foils for each other. Also more about Rowen would also be good, his sub-event with Carrie is great. Gaius' and Karla's sub-events are also insightful. The supporting characters all have complicated backgrounds, they make Jude / Milla seem uninteresting.

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