25 April 2015

spring/summer 15

It's been a while since I've made a post like this. In fact it's been a year. This is because I'm reasonably happy with my autumn/winter wardrobe, and any upgrades will take significant capital.

But spring/summer is a totally different story, especially with moving to Atlanta and starting work. I already don't know how to dress for the warm weather (like, what is that even? It's the end of April and the temperature dropped below zero), let alone business wear in the warm weather.

While I'm not going to purchase anything until I've moved and seen what my co-workers wear, it's fun to predict what I'll need. Will review this in a month or so.

With the exception of the following 2 items which I'll likely buy before leaving:
Shirtdress options 1/2/3 and trench coat.

Unsure which shirtdress I like better, so I'm hoping one of them goes on sale to make my decision easier. I'm reluctant to buy any at full price actually. I like the first design the most, and it looks great on the body when I tried it on. However $145 for polyester is expensive, especially considering the second option is the same price but silk. But I'm not entirely satisfied with the colour and how the silk has a sheen in the second option. The third option has sleeves, which is more practical (though maybe not in Atlanta weather) but also most expensive out of the 3.

The trench coat is most probably going to be bought in the next couple of days. It turns out that Club Monaco is a rare example of a store that sets the same price in USD and CAD. The sales assistants were also really nice and helpful when I was trying it on, so I feel a little guilty. Thus I'm rationalizing this purchase by 1) I've wanted a trench for a really freaking long time, like years, and 2) congrats myself for surviving third year.

PS. typing out shopping impulses is a great way to restrain them. It's easy to get carried away in my head lusting over objects (like that Fire Emblem special edition 3DS that's now double its release price, ahem).

Other items that will complete my work clothes:
  • Pencil skirts. Maybe 2-3 of these? Currently have one in grey, so the new purchases should be relatively colourful as I feel pressured by the South to not dress monochromatically.
  • Work pants, ankle length. Already have 1 pair of full length black pants, so 2 pairs in navy and grey will suffice. Tempted to try Everlane's since US has free returns.
  • Light coloured blazer and/or cardigan. Luckily I have a good collection of blazers already, but one more really can't hurt. Thinking of a cream linen one, but a cardigan is probably more practical.
  • Tops. Sorely lacking in these, currently have 4 that I think is appropriate. Definitely getting a striped shirt, but probably need 2-3 more to have good rotation. I can already foresee problems with finding a non-sheer shirt. I'd love some more silk shirts. 
  • Shoe. Eying the Quoddy Penny Loafer, but ugh I need to try on shoes and it will not be easy tracking a pair down. Still thinking of the fluevog monks too.
Non-work items:
  • Loose, patterned shorts, maybe high-waisted. Should've bought that AA pair 2 years ago "orz
  • Linen khaki pants. Looser in the tights, tapered at feet, looks good rolled up and wrinkled. To replace my Uniqlo chinos that don't fit anymore :(
  • Light weight striped tee, but the strips don't extend all the way to the collar.

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