18 January 2015

skincare routine: winter

Much has changed from the last time I made a big skincare routine change, here's what's working so far:

Missing: KOSE speedy white cleansing oil and Hada Labo gokujyun foaming cleanser.

These products are wonderful at keeping my skin hydrated and lightening scaring (since I've yet to figure out how to stop acne from occurring completely).
  1. Oil cleanse: the KOSE cleansing oil is alright, doesn't seem to be as effective as Holika Holika's soda BB oil nor Shu's pink bottle one. I do prefer it more than HH's as it's a thinner texture and smells like nothing, but Shu's is still my grail oil. But KOSE is also much, much cheaper so I'm set on trying their other variations (especially the deep version).
  2. Foam cleanse: finally got a low pH cleanser! It's also self foaming which is much more convenient than using a foaming net (though it was fun making a giant pile of foam using Shiseido's perfect whip). Hopefully this will be the end of my cleanser search, will report back after using it more.
  3. Actives (vit C + AHA): The combination of OST C20 vitamin C serum, and  Mizon's 8% AHA serum lightens PIH (acne scars) in roughly a week! That's super impressive to me. However, they do require proper usage as they are pH dependant products. This includes:
    •  using a low pH cleanser (or toner, or waiting a long time for your skin to naturally adjust)
    • using them in a order with enough wait time in between: Vit C --> (BHA, which I plan on adding later) --> AHA. proper explanation via Snow (it was actually my question that she quotes in her post ah ha).
    I'm very happy with the Mizon serum, however can't say the same about OST, which dries sticky and uses a finicky formula. They're both very strong formulations, so I can only use them every other day.
  4.  Moisturizing toner: Hada Labo shirojyun lotion, it's perfect (aka cheap and effective). I do like the inclusion of whitening ingredients, which is why I use it over the gokujyun line.
  5. Serum: Benton snail essence also plays a part in lightening PIH, but the actives contribute a greater amount. I do like how quickly it absorbs into the skin.
  6. Cream: Hada Labo shirojyun milk for day, and Benton snail steam cream by night. Again, Hada Labo is perfect but Benton's steam cream deserves most of the credit for keeping my skin hydrated throughout the winter. It's texture is very thick in the jar, but absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all. It helps to warm it up between your fingers before applying.

  7. SUNSCREEN: always. Haven't found the perfect one yet though.
This is a pretty solid baseline routine, but am planning to add a BHA (likely Cosrx) and also Missha's first treatment essence (mm niacinamides). Maybe a tea tree serum? Also planning to switch the steam cream to Mizon's snail gel for the summer.

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