31 January 2015


Had the fortune of enjoying dinners with great company.

Donatello: fantastic bread and super delicious rose sauce for the pasta (though that's because I like my sauce on the sour side)
 Calamari dressed with olive oil and lemon, and roasted red peppers.

 Tiramisu, which I found quite sweet (but not the awful, supermarket-sweet).

Momofuku Daisho: good but not outstanding, they added a pre-dessert course this year though!
 Amuse with crab meat and shrimp in chili oil?

 Warm squash salad, ehh? Probably should've went with the buns.

 Pork shank, a mis-order on my part. Should've chosen with the fish instead.

 Pineapple sorbet with dehydrated pineapple (my mom makes these!). This was delicious.
iPhones still suck in low lighting though.

Date pudding. This was really delicious, definitely the highlight of the night. It's a very generous portion too.

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