04 January 2015

Mr. Savage

Finally read Brave New World over the break, unfortunately I didn't find it that impressive. Compared to Nineteen Eighty-Four, it wasn't...as cruel? Rather, John's suicide was foreshadowed the entire latter half of the book, whereas there was hope for the two main characters even while they were being reeducated in Nineteen Eighty-Four. In fact I don't find the two books similar at all aside from the dystopian setting. They are more like 2 sides of the same coin, as I read somewhere that in Nineteen Eighty-Four people are controlled by fear, whereas in Brave New World people are controlled by pleasure (which is more fearsome imo).

Also finished reading Galapagos, another one of Vonnegut's books. Coincidentally, this is similar to Brave New World. The improved human race in both books renounced their "big brains" and associated arts in favour of infantile behaviour. Both books also use a lot of quotations to highlight irony.

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