19 January 2015


Was surprised that I didn't know about this tiny sushi shop less than a block away from the intersection that I've now lived at for a year and a half. This would be the equivalent of Solo Sushi Bekkan in terms of size (perhaps even smaller). Finally paid a rather spontaneous visit today.

Lunch special sashimi don ($13).

It was good but ND Sushi's is still the best. Though this is cheaper and possibly a bigger portion. ND Sushi has more textural contrast, a better hot sauce and you can actually distinguish the different pieces of fish. Here, the sashimi is chopped up and doesn't stand up well against the other ingredients. I do like the inclusion of the sweet egg omelet, though I would prefer it on the side as a dessert (which is its role in sushi joints).

Dave had a sushi bento set which included this one reeeeally delicious nigiri, possibly torched saba (mackerel) or yellow tail.

This restaurant does tick off a pet peeve of mine which is not offering complimentary tea (the western equivalent would be not offering complimentary bread). In fact they didn't even provide water! I'm sure they would have offered at least water if we asked, but to require asking for water is not good service.

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