22 January 2015


Almost through another busy week, this semester is insane with the amount of weekly assignments.

Phoenix Dan Cong from last weekend:

This is a also from Tao Tea Leaf, but is of a higher grade than last time's.

It does not taste like roasted almonds as per the vender's descriptions. At most I got some faint taste of almond milk, but that is totally different than roasted almonds. However, I do prefer this more than the previous. Perhaps that's just a psychological effect of paying more.

This tea is predominately fruity, with the wet leaves smelling peachy and the liqueur also tasting sweet and fruity. In fact it greatly reminds me of a Taiwanese oolong from the sample pack I got at Tea From Taiwan. Unfortunately I don't remember which haha.

I wonder if twisted oolong leaves are more prone to breaking? Most of the leaves in this were also broken. They also widely vary in size.

From only these two samples, can't say that I love phoenix dan cong. But then again, it could equally be my incompetence at brewing and not the tea's fault. Theoretically I should enjoy them as they are the same cultivar as my beloved wuyi yancha and the mountain ranges are relatively close together. Will explore more of this type after some more yancha & Japanese greens.

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