10 September 2014


Boots and coats are two categories of clothing (and sweaters and scarves, but I've got more restraint now) that I particularly care for and is willing to allocate significant budget for. Good thing the Canadian winter partially justifies these.
(Any suggestions for quality sweaters? Preferably fisherman style)

I've given up on my boots search. It's down to either Wolverine 1ks in brown or some chelsea boot in black (Grenson Grace?). The choice would depend on what PEY I get, thus decision put off for another time.

Instead efforts are directed towards a coat search, which is more fruitless, sigh. The perfect vision: forest green duffel coat with a hood with >80% wool. Out of the 4 requirements, I'm lucky to even meet 2"orz

EDIT: I LIED. THIS IS PERFECT. Time to go try it on :D

This is the most perfect one I've found so far:
images via.
Unfortunately, its from a Korean site, and the product that it's actually selling is the bag. GG.
Though I love the styling of this look, specifically the colours, proportions and pattern.

So the other candidates are:
 (note how none of them are forest green. I literally could not find forest green coats. welp)

The Topshop isn't all that bad, but worried about the wool's quality and don't like the high contrast between the toggle and the coat. It is unique as the toggles are off-centered. If I end up settling (not expected, since I'm not in actual, dire need of a coat), this will be the one to get. The Babaton one should have nicer material, with a higher price tag to match. Also don't like how it looks on the model, but do like the more streamlined design.

PS. I think I found my dream leather jacket. Can we appreciate that fit? And for once someone decided to minimize the hardware!

PPS. yeah I get why people love death by elocution now. The coat tag mmmmm.

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