28 July 2014


In case anyone is wondering, I'm busy with packing for my move. But here's various (well...two) incarnations of canned tuna and vegetables from the garden.

As a relatively classic pasta. I took my liberties with the pesto.

As my "throw the last ingredients that I still have out " tuna salad with added pasta and potatoes (part of the last ingredients I still have out).
Let me be proud of this creation for a second here, which is loosely based off of a potato salad recipe from River Cottage Veg. The dressing is so flavourful that it's absolutely amazing. Basil plus dijon mustard plus rice vinegar plus vegetable oil plus SiChuan pickled radish & spicy peppers. It's a rather random combination of flavours (from across cuisines) and eye-balled quantity but it turned out soooo gooooood. Next time I'll skip the pasta and just stick with potatoes, which adds a hint of sweetness and absorbs the dressing better.

Speaking of the garden, currently using the solar dehydrator to dry oregono (y).

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