04 July 2014

a chance of rain

Vancouver is photolog form! (but more photos are on facebook)

But first some general impressions:
  • Proximity to mountains and sea is great. 
  • There's a lot of trees. Also the "lawn area" beside roads/sidewalks (what are they called? I recall those being referred to as right-of-way but that seems wrong) are less manicured grass and more hodgepodge of various grass species, which I actually prefer. Been trying to convince my mom to diversify her front yard.
  • Not as beautiful as the hype, it really looks like any other North American city. A lack of a distinctive skyline could be why I'm less than impressed.
  • Skytrain > TTC in terms of scenery and cellphone signal. 
  • The reputation of rain is true. And when it's sunny, it's still windy so doesn't feel as warm.

Stanley Park, second photo is my favourite scene along the sea wall.

Hiking up the Grouse Grind.

At Dr. Sun Yat-Sen park. I really like my camera's macro-mode.

Richmond night market.

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Kenn said...


I believe they're called road verges, but that's just one of the many names it has.

The weather changed not too long after you headed back to Ontario. For a good two weeks it was in the high mid 20's with nary a breeze.