13 June 2014


Smitten Kitchen has never failed me when it comes to cake recipes. This particular one, for my mom's birthday, is a everyday strawberry cake.

It's so easy to make, in fact I think slicing the strawberries took more time than making the batter. The trick (okay not a trick, but something I've never followed before) is to take the butter out eaaaaarly so it's soft by the time you want to cream it with the sugar. Makes a world of difference. I recall much older posts where I complain about this step, never again!

My cake's texture turned out to have some hints of a cookie, which I personally like. This is most likely because my pan was too large so the cake is much thinner. Also my strawberries retained it's shape and didn't turn jam-like, which was disappointing. Going to re-try the next time berries go on sale.

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