13 April 2014


Finally got my hands on these sandals (via The Bay), been wanting them ever since I saw it on lam.

 Colour's not actually this orange irl, adjusted in PS cause I thought it looked better, opps.

I really like the design. It's rare to find a clean looking sandal at affordable-ish prices. Bonus that it has a gold, mirrored heel (opps didn't show in photo) which adds interest. The leather straps are wide and relatively soft, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The insole is also padded, and the heel the perfect height for walking. They also run true to size.

However, I'm not impressed by the construction quality. The leather's edge is left raw and doesn't align perfectly with the stitching (see below). Though I appreciate the piece of leather behind the buckle as it prevents the buckle from digging into your skin.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and hope that this brings an end to my search for the perfect pair of sandals.

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