19 April 2014

summer '14 to do

Time to be ambitious about what I can accomplish in the summer. Separated this time by how likely I am to actually do what I say.

Definitely (aka already committed to):
  • School-related:
    • Research position!
    • Sky Garden!! I've missed this so much.
    • YNCN planning. This still requires so much brainstorming
    • f!rosh 1T4 graphics. Gonna be fun! 
    • WISE...? I think I'm going to stay an exec, depends on what position I get though. 
  • Non-school related:
    • Read read read
    • Game game game
    • Find a place for next year, this is going to induce so much stress
Try to do
  • Visit Chicago? Hopefully
  • Learn a new cuisine, let's start with Japanese
  • Dabble with camera more, or at least continue my sunset photos
  • Window farm!
  • Explore Toronto neighbourhoods, find boutiques & migrate more away from fast fashion
  • Meet up with friends regularly. Excuse to try out new restaurants
  • Go to all the summer events, and most importantly taste of danforth  
  • Plan out a vegetable garden for parent's new house! 
  • GEB. This book, omg, I will definitely get through it one day
  • APS302 lecture recordings

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