01 March 2014


Currently feeling rather lost in multiple aspects of life. Lost is a feeling I really dislike feeling, probably one that makes me feel the most panick-y.

(Today ended on a good note though, dinner and card games with friends. Card games are always the best times.)

Granted I didn't have the whole identity crisis during my teenage years, nor did I have to think very hard about what major to pick in university. So I guess I get my share of the anxiety as I approach the twenty. Totally do not feel that old. Adulthood is still that mythical land where suddenly everything makes sense to you.
It's rather sad when I realized today that the people I can say that know me completely (or as completely as it goes) are not the ones that knows currently what's going on in my life. Here is probably when one of you chime in and said this wouldn't be a problem if I went to loo haha. Plus the fact that I really dislike talking to others about my uncertainties before I figure them out (so then I don't need to talk to them anymore), here I am mulling over it before I sleep.

Here's a Winnie-the-pooh saying (I think): it'll be alright in the end, if it's not alright its not the end.

(Also feeling crappy cause marks this semester is going to be crappy. Knowing that marks don't matter long term wise somehow makes me feel worse for currently feeling bad.)

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