08 March 2014

a year

Whee anniversary dinner at Scaddabush. It's a newly opened restaurant (the downtown location) and I was lured by the promise of daily made mozzarella and divine meatballs.

Thumbs up for cool mismatched plates good ambiance:
 Bonus points for kraft paper and grease pencil that you can doodle with. They're channeling the Italian grandmother's kitchen, with generous portions to boot.

The food is much better than the chain western restaurants (eg. Pickle Barrel) which I attribute to the fresh ingredients they say they use. A breakdown of what we ordered:
  • Charity bread is a cool concept, all profits from this item goes towards Sick Kids Hospital. Taste wise it's a strong garlic bread. 
  • The osso bucco bites were absolutely delicious. The pork is tender on the inside while crunchy on the outside and pairs well with the pappardelle crips. The portion is big enough for a stand alone meal of my own.
  • The mozzarella is indeed made to order and there's a big window into the kitchen where you can watch them stretch the cheese. 
  • The meatball is also delicious, well seasoned and the texture is like a fluffier burger patty. Love the fresh basil and fried garlic in the spaghetti as well.
  • The mango sorbet (opps typo on image) is the most intense mango tasting thing I've had that's not an actual mango. Also a huge portion, which makes it a better deal than most ice cream shops.
  • The zeppole is like soft timbits with a creamier nutella dipping sauce. Our waiter (who was great, friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledge about the restaurant) for free for our anniversary (y)
Overall a good atmosphere, good food, and good value, the combination of which is hard to find amongst downtown western restaurants (usually it's pick 2 out of 3). Do check it out if you're in the area.

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