12 July 2013


Downtown adventures with Dad today.

First off harvest at Sky Garden, still lots to learn before everyone graduates and ditches @_@

Complete photos on our picasa atm. It will be more organized I swear, my goal is to revitalize the official wordpress but that takes too much effort so leaving that off till I don't know when.
That's terrible goal setting I know.

After hardwork (not really, most vegetables aren't fully grown yet), it's lunch time! Originally wanted to take dad to 巴山蜀水, but when we arrived they were in the middle of a power outage (gg storm). Ended up at 1 Hour cafe, which was quite a good choice.

Thank you to Jeff's raves about the coconut bubble, it was delicious *u* Both noodles gained my dad's stamp of approval, which says a lot about the flavour and quality. Probably going to end up eating here lots next year.

Had to meet up with agent to finalize offers. But nooo, ttc decides to shut down service from Bloor to St. Andrews the moment I sat down. Wtf. Do not want to live in Toronto cause of the ttc. But luckily we have a place for next year now :D whoohoo!

Also feeling proud that I've converted my dad into a Lush fan. I mentioned that we could go to Eaton and he was like "and go to the soap store?" haha. He brings them back to China as gifts and apparently they all love it xD

Lastly a quick update on the balcony garden:

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