28 April 2013

soon tofu

Good food is the only way that I'm surviving until now.
The green tofu place (aka Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu) opened a Chinatown location! Mad happy when I saw a "NOW OPEN" sign while walking back from Trainhead last Wednesday.

 Opening special: pork bone soup for only $3.99, sooo worth it. The meat is melt-in-your-mouth and the soup is well flavoured. Only downside is that the potato was left whole, and therefore not flavourful.

But onto the star of the meal:
Combination (beef, shrimp, and mussel) soon tofu in regular spicy, which isn't really spicy (or less so than I remember from the North York location). But the toooffuuuu, so soft and delicious. The complimentary purple rice scores bonus points.

By now I've had soon tofu at three different restaurants around the area, this, Bapbo, and Hana Korea. Will do a comparison of these tomorrow, when I will be finally done exams "orz

Until then~

Hana Korea:
I *think* their soon tofu is a bit cheaper than the rest, but you also get the smallest portion of rice. However the soup taste really good (y). Though I really like theirs because of the seafood in it,  consisting of fish, mussels, and bits if squid.

Perks of being the closest to Chestnut and beside Chatime. Otherwise the soon tofu is alright, has mussels, a big shrimp, fish-tofu thing (pretty good). The complimentary rice has a nice sprinkle of sesame on top. But huge points lost for not providing a raw egg to crack over top.

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