13 March 2013


I take back all I've said about sleep, sleep is important.
Not worth getting sick over "orz fml

In other news, March is the pits of the term (same argument can be made for November):
  • Midterms are STILL not done
  • But hey look finals are just around the corner so better start worrying about those
  • And on top of those are term projects that should've been started already 
  • Also the flu season "orz
I swear, my mental time intervals are divided purely based on deadlines.

Though it's not like there's not enough time to complete anything. Evidently I have the leisure to sit here and type up this post. It's that by the time March rolls around, initial motivation from the beginning of the term has waned off, while the panic for finals haven't quite kicked in yet.
A terrible combination of "there's always a deadline ahead" and "don't even want to roll off the bed in the morning". 


Loosely paraphrased from my rocks prof:
I don't even want to lecture anymore.
I'm just standing here reading points off slides, this is so boring
The times sure has changed, when I went to undergrad people just wanted to get the diploma,
now you guys actually try to get good marks? gee.
 (y) his lectures really aren't that bad LOL

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